When Robert first picked up a camera it immediately seemed to fuse with his artistic inclinations and sense of wanderlust.

After completing formal training in Spokane Washington, where he worked with large, medium and 35mm film format cameras, he began developing and printing in the darkroom.

Moving to Seattle, he embraced photography’s digital side. Whether learning from other photographers through classes, or experimenting on his own, he continually refines aspects of the craft.

Whether it’s an event, wedding, or walking the streets of a foreign destination, he swiftly synchronizes himself, anticipating when an image will present itself - simultaneously interacting and letting it unfold in a non-combative synergistic way.

In the studio he conveys a unique vision of the essence of his subject, or idea using light, shadow and color or a mixture of all, in an unconventional way to communicate emotively.

Clients include

  • Eco Balanza
  • Artio Design
  • Ullman Textiles
  • Team Photogenic
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Fulcrum Salon
  • The Paintbox Company
  • Kelly Nehemiah Cosmetics
  • North East Thai